Bethany Eckert

Bethany has always loved animals. Due to this, as a child it was her dream to become a veterinarian and work with animals all day long. She has always had a special love for dogs! As a 12 year old girl growing up in Alaska, she raised beautiful Siberian/Malamute husky puppies!

As life would have it, her dream of becoming a veterinarian didn’t materialize. Instead, she entered the medical profession as a registered nurse. Her heart for people lead her into cancer nursing where she cared for those who were very ill – and many of whom were dying. As the years went by she encountered physical hardships of her own. She continued to work full-time (focusing on the needs of others). She kept her focus strongly on God and His plans for her life. Eventually, after receiving the gift of a lifetime, Bethany’s health was restored. It was at this time that she transferred into hospice nursing and worked for several years with those who were in the last stages of life – and their families.

One day, when speaking with an old acquaintance, Bethany realized that there was a need in north Indy for a pet cremation business. Therefore, the idea for Forever Above was born! Supplying this need seemed to bring her full circle from a love of animals and a desire to be a veterinarian, to the nursing profession, assisting people in their waning years, and comforting families when their loved ones died, to comforting people when their loved pets passed away. Now Bethany gets to interact with Veterinarians on a daily basis and comfort grieving individuals – assisting them as they walk through the loss of a beloved pet. So do childhood dreams come true?….Maybe… it certainly came together differently than she had envisioned all those years ago!

I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that God has blessed me with in my life. It is the prayer of my heart each day “God help me to be a blessing to someone today!” I consider it an honor and privilege to walk this journey with you! — Bethany