Tom Eckert

Tom grew up in farm country right here in the mid-west.  He had a dog named Sammy and a cat named Smokey.  He recalls the pain that accompanied the loss of each of his pets. This memory may have played into his decision to help people out in their time of loss, when the opportunity came to open a crematory for pets — Forever Above.

As a young teen, Tom was an up and coming rabbit farmer. It was his ambition to be a big-time rabbit farmer, when he grew up. Unfortunately, those ambitions didn’t come to pass and he eventually grew up and went away to college where he met and married his lovely wife, Bethany.

In their time as a married couple, Tom has been on many adventures with Bethany and has enjoyed their life together very much.  One such adventure was when they adopted a wonderful little boy through the foster-to-adopt system in Colorado.  They have enjoyed being parents, raising him and training him to be a fine young man.

Tom enjoys helping and loving people and brings a wealth of experience with him.  He has worked for several Christian schools as well as a church.  He has supported families through his work with a non-profit which was founded for this purpose.

Tom has faith in a God who he knows loves not only Him, but also everyone on earth very dearly. He enjoys living out his faith through the work he does each day. Forever Above allows him to continue the blessing of helping people. Assisting people through the grieving process after they have lost a beloved furry member of their family.

We look forward to caring for you during the loss of a treasured pet, while bringing respect and dignity to their memory.  –Tom